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An unprecedented community improvement initiative launched by Mayor Lightfoot in fall 2019 to marshal $750 million in public funding toward 10 neighborhoods on Chicago’s South and West sides.

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The goal of INVEST South/West is to re-activate neighborhood cores that have historically served as focal points for pedestrian activity, shopping, services, transportation, public spaces and qualityof-life amenities for local residents. Without exception, these commercial corridors have experienced public and private disinvestment for nearly 75 years, which has led to reduced property values, public safety concerns, and a corresponding increase in abandoned buildings, vacant lots and blight. INVEST South/West is intended to reverse these systemic trends with targeted improvements that benefit existing residents and businesses.


Funding for INVEST South/West includes $250 million in business incentives made available through City programs involving Tax Increment Financing and the Neighborhood Opportunity Fund. These investments will build on more than $500 million in planned infrastructure improvements that will provide transportation, housing and quality of-life enhancements that improve the vitality of private and public properties. This includes ongoing infrastructure projects such as FastTracks improvements to the CTA Green Line, the Auburn Park Metra Station, and a new track and field facility in Pullman.

Invest South West Corridor  2 Managers for Humboldt Park

Chicago Ave Corridor

West Humboldt Park Development Council

Kedzie Avenue on the East to
Pulaski Road on the West

Chicago Avenue corridor.jpg

North Avenue Cooridor

Puerto Rican Culture Center

Kedzie Avenue on the East to
Kostner Avenue on the West

North Avenue Corridor.jpg
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