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Shelf Talkers Make Healthy Shoppers

Did you know that bell peppers have disease preventing and health promoting properties? Or, that eating cucumbers helps reduce blood pressure and heart rates by countering the effects of sodium?

WHP Healthy Corner Store gets National Attention

West Humboldt Park Development Council has been engaging with store owners on Chicago Avenue in West Humboldt Park to bring healthy foods into neighborhood corner stores.

Healthy Stores Campaign Engages with Chicago Central Park Foods

Three went and grabbed chips, candy, and soda.  A fourth stood in front of the healthy corner kiosk and cooler and came to the check out with a small bag of grapes, an apple and a banana.

Healthy Corner Stores on Chicago Avenue?

Healthy Corner Stores project moves forward!

Does the idea of corner stores along Chicago Avenue selling fresh produce, and healthy snacks such as yogurt, nuts, dried fruit and energy bars sound like wishful thinking?  How about smoothies and fresh fruit juices?  Are you tired of the poor food choices, a heavy emphasis on high-fat junk foods and poor store appearance and cleanliness?  The Corner Stores Campaign is a neighborhood and community based effort to engage with store owners and through persuasion and incentives help stores offer healthier foods in a healthier environment.

Is West Humboldt Park a "Healthy Community" ?

The Healthy Stores Initiative strives to provide healthier choices and a healthier environment.