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A model for inclusiveness: community-based participatory research

Community-based participatory research (CBPR) is a collaborative approach to research in public health. CBPR equitably engages communities in the design, conduct and use of research to address health disparities and improve health by encouraging community-centered interventions and prevention strategies. This type of research recognizes that health is affected by many complex issues such as social, political and economic factors. Its proponents seek to engage partners, including community organizations, community members and academic
researchers in research projects. With historical roots in social science disciplines, CBPR focuses on community priorities, engages community partners and members who are connected to the research issue of focus, and negotiates how resources and responsibilities will be allocated.

West Side Slow Roll Into Spring: Exploring Our Communities

Fun for the whole family! Spring is here and it is a perfect time to explore our community on a Slow Roll Bike ride through Humboldt Park.


New Divvy Bike Share Stations Coming to West Humboldt Park

West Humboldt Park residents will soon have another way to get around the neighborhood and take trips to other parts of Chicago. The City of Chicago recently made the announcement that the Divvy Bike Share program would be expanded in spring of 2015, adding 245 new bike share station locations, mostly in new areas. What this means for WHP is that there will be 4 new stations anticipated for the neighborhood, with other new stations popping up nearby as well. Divvy will install the new stations in Spring of 2014.

April Showers Bring Volunteers and May Flowers at Ujima Community Garden

The West Humboldt Park Ujima Community Garden has a fair share of volunteer support from community partners and residents to help the garden flourish. The word ‘Ujima’ originates from Kwanzaa, meaning collective work and responsibility. Once a vacant lot full of contaminated soil, it has transformed into a beautiful garden, thanks to the many partners and residents who have contributed to its development. Recent activities and events in the Ujima Community Garden demonstrate collective work and responsibility.

Summer Fun at West Humboldt Park Playstreets Events

The West Humboldt Park Development Council (WHPDC) organized 4 Summer PlayStreets events in the West Humboldt Park Community on the following dates and locations:

  • August 5 - 3800 Block of West Ohio Street
  • August 17 – 800 Block of North Hamlin Avenue
  • August 31 – 3500 Block of West Ohio Street
  • September 7 – 900 Block of North Springfield

Summer PlayStreets 2013 is a citywide initiative, which focuses on providing families and youth with open, safe play spaces to come together and engage in physical activities to address obesity, diabetes and other health disparities. Events are reoccurring and take place in communities that lack safe outdoor play spaces. Community based organizations, stakeholders and community members are encouraged to work together to organize PlayStreets events during the summer season.

Community partners joined the WHPDC to assist with facilitating games and activities during the events. Families and youth enjoyed old school games such as ‘Red Light, Green Light,’ Tug of War and Four Square.

Outdoor bowling, tumbling demonstrations, basketball, relay races, jump rope and hoola hoop competitions were participants’ favorites. Partners included Tumbling for Success, Zenith Dance Company, Fit to Be A Mom, Inc, Chicago Childrens Museum, Catholic Charities, Junior Urban League of Chicago, Fierce   Fitness and many more. Cameron Elementary School and Kelly Hall YMCA lended sports equipment for the events. This initiative is supported by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, The Chicago Department of Public Health, LISC Chicago, Active Transportation Alliance and World Sport Chicago.





The Chicago Plays! Playground Replacement Program Provides New Playground Equipment in West Humboldt Park

The West Humboldt Park Development Council (WHPDC) and The Kells Park Advisory Committee (KPAC) submitted four applications requesting playground equipment replacements as part of the Chicago Plays Playground Replacement Program. The Chicago Park District in partnership with Friends of the Parks will replace playground equipment at 35 parks in Chicago providing safer and more accessible playgrounds for all Chicago residents.


West Humboldt Park Development Council Welcomes New Community Development Planner, Isaiah Ross

Mr. Ross was welcomed as Community Development Planner at WHPDC in May 2012. A native of the Englewood Community, he has an outstanding passion for serving the needs of low-income, underserved, marginalized communities. 

Humboldt Park Portal - a Resource for Businesses, Residents, Non-Profits

The Humboldt Park Portal is a business, civic, arts and community website where residents and others can learn about the Humboldt Park neighborhood, plug into local resources and share the Humboldt Park experience. Created by a coalition of local nonprofits, community organizations and nonprofits, the Portal is one of many digital tools we are building to create a stronger community.

Richard M Daley Branch Library Opening July 8

The Richard M. Daley branch library opened on Friday July 8th! This branch library is located at 733 N Kedzie. The library will include a computer center as well as a YouMedia Center.  YOUmedia is an innovative, 21st century teen learning space that is designed to connect young adults, books, media, mentors, and institutions throughout the city of Chicago in one dynamic space designed to inspire collaboration and creativity.

The West Humboldt Park community

A snapshot of West Humboldt Park.