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News items related to business workshops

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

10,000 Small Businesses has assisted over 100 local businesses and are looking for more! The fifth cohort of business owners will begin their completely free courses and individual advising on May 3, with the next group beginning in late summer/early fall. The program is always looking for qualified business owners to apply, and will work with applicants at any time to determine if the program is right for them.

Business News from Chicago Dept of Business Affairs

Sidewalk Cafe Season 
Begins on March 1

Informational Workshop Set for Wednesday


The City of Chicago sidewalk café season begins March 1. Sidewalk Café Permits have a nine-month term and must be applied for and issued every year. Businesses with a valid Retail Food Establishment License may apply for a permit to serve food outside their restaurant on city sidewalks.


Free Business Training Program for Business Owners Planned for May 2013

Grow Your Business Training Program Planned for May 2013

As a business owner would you like to:

Learn to think more entrepreneurially?

Learn how to better manage your business?

Better understand how to utilize the internet and e-commerce?

Develop a business plan and strategically plan for the future?

The Grow Your Business training program will provide you with over 80 hours of instruction specifically designed to improve your bottom line.  The goal of this training program is to dramatically increase your operating efficiency and take advantage of growth opportunities. 

Four Business Owners Receive New Dell Desktop Computers through Smart Communities Program

Four Humboldt Park business owners received a free Dell Optiplex desktop computer as an earned incentive for participating in the Smart Communities Program.  The Smart Communities Business Resource Network works with business owners in Humboldt Park and helps them become more tech savvy  to improve their business, reduce costs, and bring in more customers.  The following businesses received the desktop computers:

Humboldt Park business workshops in March & April

The Smart Communities program works to increase digital access and use by families, businesses and other institutions in five moderate- and low-income Chicago neighborhoods including Humboldt Park. For businesses in Humboldt Park a Business Resource Network was created to assist businesses in adopting technology tools to improve their profitability.