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Community Leadership Spotlight

Claudia Macklin

West Humboldt Park Development Council would like to present an outstanding example in what it means to give-back to the community.

Claudia Macklin is a resident of West Humboldt Park and attends Orr Academy High School. Through buildOn, an international service-learning program, she has completed over 215 hours of service to her community in this school year alone.

Claudia has been a dedicated leader in buildOn, rarely missing a day of service. She's particularly dedicated to spending time at Hope Manor, a home for veterans. She goes weekly to play spades with the residents, and looks forward to that time immensely. On her birthday, she even made sure we saved a piece of cake to bring to Roy, the man who plays spades with the group every week.

In addition to Hope Manor, she has served at the Chicago Public Library (Richard M Daley branch) in the book buddies program, the Fresh Market program at Breakthrough Urban Ministries, community dinners and clothing giveaways at Our Lady of Angels Church and Kelly Hall YMCA, Turkey Chop free meals on Mondays, and many other sites.

Claudia is smart and driven, earning her not only to top spot in service hours at Orr, but also on the top ten list for Freshmen GPA. Claudia is interested in going to college and pursuing her current passion, astronomy. She's cheerful, excited about service, a good friend, and an all around wonderful example of what it means to be compassionate. Over Spring Break, Claudia will have the chance to share her positivity and work-ethic as she travels to Burkina Faso, in West Africa, to build a school with other Chicago buildOn students.

The Development Council recognizes the hard work that Claudia has done for the West Humboldt Park Community, and would like to applaud her efforts in dedicating herself to helping build our West Humboldt Park community. She is an excellent role model for youth and adults alike, and we can all learn something from her giving spirit.

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