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Shelf Talkers Make Healthy Shoppers

Did you know that bell peppers have disease preventing and health promoting properties? Or, that eating cucumbers helps reduce blood pressure and heart rates by countering the effects of sodium?

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If you shop at Market Fresh Foods located at 800 North Kedzie (in the Chicago Kedzie Shopping Center) and walk through the produce aisle you will see newly installed shelf talkers that promote the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables. These shelf talkers will benefit shoppers who for years only selected produce that their families purchased. Reading about the restorative properties the fruits and vegetables offer may encourage shoppers to try something different. A shopper who is suffering from gout may learn that cherries have potential health effects against chronic painful episodes such as gout and fibromyalgia.

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Tom Casaccio, the owner of Market Fresh Foods, has worked in the community and is happy to work with the West Humboldt Park Development Council to promote healthy options. Having worked in the grocery industry since his teens Tom has seen the landscape change over the decades. Shoppers greet him by name and with the friendships he has formed with his customers he knows their preferences and stocks the store accordingly.

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Along with Market Fresh we have also installed over a dozen shelf talkers in Ben Salem (3454 W. Chicago Avenue) and Chicago Central Park Food Mart (3608 W. Chicago Avenue) the two stores participating in the Healthy Stores Campaign.

As part of the Healthy Stores Campaign we are working with store owners to make it easier for shoppers in the West Humboldt Park area to recognize healthier items in the produce aisle. It is our hope that shoppers utilize the shelf talkers and other educational materials and makes more informed choices for their families, try fruits and vegetables that they’d never tried before, and more importantly improve their health.

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