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  • LegalShield give you the ability to talk to an attorney on any matter withouyt worring about high hourly costs.
  • For one flat monthly fee you can access legal advise no matter how tramatic or trivial the issue.  
  • Thats why under the protrection of the LegalShield you and your family can live your life worry-free every day, and every night now and forever.
  • Infact we give professional service including pre-existing conditions
We have a Membership for YOU!
  1. The Family Plan
  2. Identity Theft/Resotation Services
  3. Teachers & School Employee Legal Services Plan
  4. Law Officers Legal Plan
  5. Comercial Drivers Legal Plan & Super Comercial Drivers Legal Plan
  6. Home Based Business Rider for the individual with a business you operate out of your home (3 or fewer Employees)
  7. Legal Plan for The Self Employed (8 or fewer employees)
  8. Business Plan for those with (1-50 employees) or (51-99 Employees)
  9. Resturant Owners Plan


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