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Healthy Community Initiative Collaborative

The Healthy Community Initiative is a collaboration of community-based organizations, institutions and residents working towards creating a Healthy West Humboldt Park community. A healthy community is one that continuously creates and improves the physical and social environments while expanding community resources.

This coalition connects with existing healthy community efforts in Humboldt Park, initiates healthy community strategies, and builds relationships with groups/organizations doing unrelated work to advance healthy community concepts in our mission and work.

This collaborative created the "West Humboldt Park Healthy Community Initiative Strategic Plan: 2013." In this plan, the collaborative identified a mission, vision, six core values and several strategies to create a Healthy West Humboldt Park community.

Mission: West Humboldt Park will be a community with access to resources for wellness, employment, education and affordable housing in order to help residents achieve a better quality of life in a safe community.

Vision: A Healthy, Prosperous, Safe and Walkable Community.

The following is a listing of Core Values as identified by the Healthy Community Initiative Collaborative:

  • Community Health
  • Safe Environment
  • Affordable Housing
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Leadership Development to Impact Policy

'West Humboldt Park Healthy Community Strategic Plan: 2013'