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Block Club Network

2018 Meeting Schedule

The West Humboldt Park Development Council has worked with local block clubs since the mid-90s. In 2004, the WHPDC collaborated with local block clubs to form the West Humboldt Park Block Club Network (WHPBCN), created as a way for individual block clubs to build relationships among neighbors, deter criminal activity, share ideas and success stories, and expand their resources and range of focus. It consists of over 40 block clubs, which are organic grassroots organizations that serve as assets to the West Humboldt Park Community.

The WHPBCN, a process of relationship building among block clubs, has begun to expand its focus from the block level to the community level. This network has allowed block clubs to link up and share resources so that they can address larger challenges and accomplish major goals for the community as a whole.

WHPBCN goals include:

  • Facilitate and organize community driven events with block club community leadership
  • Assist in building and maintaining local block clubs through technical assistance and best practices training
  • Network facilitation of shared goals, mission and purpose among local block clubs

By building community leadership, the network has been successful in building relationships and support networks among block clubs in West Humboldt Park. They have collaborated as one body to address and directly affect the changes taking place in their community.

The West Humboldt Park Block Club Network Crime and Safety Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at the Nia Family Center, 744 North Monticello Avenue, from 6-8pm. If your block club is interested in getting involved, if you’d like help starting a block club, or if you’re simply a concerned citizen with the desire for action, please call (773) 342-0036. Block Club Presidents and Community leaders facilitate meetings each month.